Domaine du Tertre

Calvados AOC

Non réduit, sans additifs, non filtré à froid. Calvados millésimé et embouteillé brut de fût.
Le vieillissement est naturel et dure entre 15 à 20 ans selon les millésimes. La freinte ou « part des anges » (évaporation naturelle de l’alcool) est d’environ 3% par an soit de 1 à 2 degrés d’alcool.  Les produits sont agréés par l’INAO en qualité d’Appellation d’Origine Contrôlée (AOC) Calvados.

Calvados vieilli lentement en fût de chêne


Calvados AOC


1996 / 1997 / 1998 / 1999 / 2000


48,5 % vol. à 55 % vol.


75 cl ou 150 cl

Calvados AOC


The first distillation took place in September 1993. Since then, the ciders and perries are distilled every year at the end of September. It takes 13 liters of cider to obtain 1 liter of Calvados at 70°, 17 liters of perry for an identical quantity. After distillation, the Calvados, which is distilled at 70% vol. of alcohol, is aged in oak barrels from the Perche or Cognac regions. No addition (caramel, water, wood chips…) is made.

Calvados AOC

Choix des pommiers et poiriers

These are exclusively old varieties, grown in high stems. We replanted 600 apple trees of 40 different varieties and 60 pear trees of 10 different varieties on hilly grasslands well oriented for sunshine.

Calvados AOC

Transformation en cidre et poiré

As for the production of cider or perry, the fruits are washed and sorted before being pressed. The juices are fermented in oak barrels or in stainless steel tanks thanks to the action of the natural yeasts present on the fruits. The sugar contained in the ciders and perries will be gradually transformed into alcohol during approximately one year, before the distillation.